Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone~


OMG~ Is 2012 already~
When i was 21,time pass too fast~
But why time so pass~
I wish i am still 21 right now~ Haha !!
But sadly i am 22 now.. Haha ..

My 2011 xmas n new year eve is the most relax celebration.
I had it with my lovely sweetie..
We gather up n took a slightly dinner...
Is kinda great too~ We did enjoy on the night and the fireworks~
The fireworks is just like snow style~ kekez..
I love xmas n new year actually~
But i tot it could be better and party,who know i didnt get drunk on it.. haha..
But never mind i do enjoy on it~

The girls with me..

Happy 2012 everyone~

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

June & July 2011~ Little Thing~

I miss blogging~
Is being 2 month didnt blogging~
These days i was busy on my social~ing life~
Went clubs on the whole june~ Haha !!
Almost every weekend are having club life~
Do enjoy with fren~
But is kinda tired too~
Cuz drink and dancing~ Haha !!

Anyway,I am still enjoying on it~
But after party time,i mostly will get into a big sick~
Cuz too often hanging out,so getting feel tat i am not healthy at all soon~ Haha !!

So i had decide to get myself to a healthy life~
I need to be healthy healthy healthy~
Haha !! After saying tis words,i getting laughing~
Cuz i just went to club on last saturday~ Haha !!
Plus three sister of the family is going club together~
Gosh~ This is how we play n enjoy in the club~
Is just a different way to be healthy~I guess.. haha !!

Taiwan study had being confirm~
But home had happen something~
Thing need to be delay~
I need to say ( TAIWAN,Wait me another year~ AND I WILL BE UR SIDE SOON !! )

And the last thing tat i wanna say is~
Surprising that u are in my heart right now~ ^^

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simple Blogging~

I miss blogging again~
Everyday was been so busy doing this doing that..
Got not much time to do the others thing~
I miss shopping,singing,dancing,drinking,chitchat~ing,and also trip~ haha !!
Feel wanna have a trip right now~
No matter go where,just a trip..
A fun n happy trip~
That is the life go~ Haha !!

These days being busy prepare my application to taiwan study~
If there ok,i will be there on september and will be there 2 years.
Of cuz i will make myself to be free and come back to malaysia.
But till now is just a plan of it~
See whether the plan still going on or wat..
Getting feel scare of it,maybe is because of friend,family and everything..
Feel like weird too..

I just continue to step on it~
And the future are waiting for me.. Haha ..
Who know the future thing~ Haha ..

Monday, May 2, 2011

April Sweetie Birthday

April April April ends..
May May May is here now..

I was so busy in April..
April was my sweetie birthday month..
And now.. I AM BANKRUPT..

The 1st birthday is my 2nd sister big day..

This pic was 2 years ago.. And now she change alots..
She is my real sister..
We always argue with little suff,but in the end we are still good..
Cause I LOVE SHE, SHE LOVE ME !! We are happy FAMILY~
And happy birthday to her again..
Her birthday party is so simple n nice..
Having family dinner together..
A sweet n happy night ^^

And this is the 2nd birthday for tis month~
This is my new sweetie pie~ RAINNY~
We knew each other 8 months.
And her birthday is totally surprise and newbie..
We give her a surprise party~
We made a fake car accident in the genting hill..
And the car was her car.. Haha ..
She get shock when she heard her car was get accident..
But in the end we did enjoy and she do happy at the surprise party~ ^^

And the 3rd birthday party~
Is my Love one~Meow birthday..
We did a surprise party for her too..
We act going a open house bbq party~
And after the party..
We all wear colourful tshirt tat wrote alots of wishes to her..
She so happy on tat night..
But is painful and tired after the party..
Cause we need to clean up all the mess.. Haha ..
But is a good party also..

In the end~ Wish all my sweetie..
Happy Birthday to u all..
Love u all~

The 1st day of the April..
I working part time promoter at Beauty Fair @the curve~
A boring but happy working time..
And i know tis new friend, JASON WONG~
He is a nice and helpful guy~
Thanks alots and great to know ya ^^

After working,sure is party time..
This is the 1st time tat all sistar clubs night..
7 of us hang out clubbing together..
We did enjoy that night..
And some of us drunk,include me.. ( Cuz i drink alots..)
Went to alive@SUNWAY PYRAMID,the place is bored..
But i am happy n enjoy with my sistar..
And it was the 1st night Rainny join us clubbing~ ^^
Hope to have another night soon,babes.. ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I miss blogging !!!!

Being so busy on event job last 10 days..
Went to the curve work~
Work so hard,but honestly is bored.
Being reject by alots of people,they dun even give u an chance to talks with them.
But in this event,i had learn up something,and also saw alots of different thing.
Is a good thing altot is bored in the end~ haha ..

I saw many friends n artist,Ellie(when working vip,knew tis gal~working for snips~),
Hanjuin(a very long old fren,very surprise he still remember me either~),
Elva(she is one of my ex-boss n we still contact sometime~),
Zchen ( Malaysian singer), Monday ( Malaysian Artist), and also one gal host from ntv7~
Is good to see alots of thing either,espically the kids~
The cutie one,the evil one,the notty one, and alot alot..
U are all so cuteeee...
And u all makes me miss my nephew so much~ Haha..

Other than that,i still saw alots of couples around in the mall..
Some sweet,some sad,some... ARGUE lur.. haha ..
One couple so cute,they passby 4 time,and got 4 process.
1st is like friend,but can feel they are close friend..
2nd time passby is~ become sweet lovers,walks together so sweet.
3rd time passby~ the gal mad of tat guy,the guy make the gal happy back~
the last time~ haha !! in the end,they wanted to go back and they are very sweet together~
This is what a normal love is ... haha !!!
So funny when i am outsiders to see,but do sweet~ haha !!
Is a great thing i do saw many more..
And one more is a old man..
He gaves me feel that he is soooo sweet to his wife,he knew what his wife wants and needs,is a sweet thing if got such husband in the future... altot not handsome,but sweet n caring is the sweetest and good stuff~ ^^

After working there,i feel wanna go for a relationship alrdy~
But is very very very hard to have it a good and sweet relationship~
Haha .. When the time comes,then ( HE ) will appear,so makes it as simple n nice then enough~

Girls always wish to be romantic,but sometime simple do romantic.
I do wish to be simple,cuz i want it to be simple~ haha !!!
What a stupid words..

Monday, March 28, 2011


听着听着…… 我又想起了你!

但… 我们已没联络1年了,只能对你说…
你…… 有想起我吗?
你…… 还爱着我吗?

已离我…… 好远好远了~




Thursday, March 10, 2011

Penang Trip with sistar on Dec~

December 2010
Penang Trip with the sistar and the boys~
This time is a special trip with the sistar and boys ..
Is only 6 of us on the penang trip~
And we doesnt know the penang way at all..
When we at the penang city,we totally is using goggle map to go to the location~
Is a very special try~
And this is also is a special trip,cuz we dun know where at all..
I using all my memory to go thru the special place~
Lets make the pic talks the story~
But i just upload some pic..
Cuz mostly the time we are stuck in the car,cuz we dun know the way,we been go thru alots of small road or should i say~ we went the wrong way~ haha !!!
Is a happy n meaningful day~
We also went to the kek lok si~ A special place and must go for it when in penang~
And i had request go to bukit ferrigghi,cuz i love sea~ ^^
Thing got so much,cant talk is one by one~
But do so fun when on tat time~
Is a happy memories on 2010~

3 of us~ In the service apartment~ Resting..

Get ready to go out~

She is the hottie one~

The gift for the others gals and 3 of us too~
We decide to have a chinese style pajamas party~

The two boys~ The cool one and the funny one~

Asam Laksa ( The famous one nearby kek lok si~)
And is my favourite too~

The sweetest couples~ Shot by Me.... ^^

The boys...

Suddenly being crazy of us~ Haha !! Yeah~ Fren 4eva~